Rucci Foot File /  Pink or Purple (TW130)

Rucci Foot File / Pink or Purple (TW130)

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This Rucci foot rasp / file is made of high-grade stainless steel and recyclable plastic, and has an ergonomic handle for easy user experience.

This is an effective tool for rejuvenating and cleansing the skin of the feet, heels, toes, and elbows, particularly for removing hard, cracked, or dry and dead skin.

This helps you relieve fatigue and promote relaxation; With regular use, your skin will become smooth and soft like after SPA treatments.

Customer Reviews

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It is amazing!

I got this to use between pedicures and it works wonderfully! It works better than a pumice stone. This did not require a whole lot of hand strength or hard scrubbing. Just gently use on the areas you need and it works great! Cannot sing enough praise!

Yazmin Quinlan
Love this!

I pay a lot for pedicures. As a teacher I am on my feet all day long, thus casing callouses on my feet which leads me to visiting a salon for pedicures often. This is a game changer! It is so easy to use and fast. I was worried about cutting my feet or going to low on my skin...I have had no problems. I am purchasing a second to keep at our cottage! So easy to use!

Mind blowingly effective!! A must for nasty feeties

With as many reviews as it has, you probably don't need another. This is by far the very best 'foot grater' I have ever tried. Effortlessly removed dead skin fast and painlessly. Little to no pressure needed, just whisks right off. Beyond impressed. I hope, and am sure it will, work great for you too!

This is amazing + effective!

I used to get pedicures. I’d leave annoyed seeing how unfinished the smoothing out the bottom of my feet went. This came in today and curiosity got the best of me. Ran a shallow bath, soaked my feet for a few minutes and magic. I sent the link out in my friend group to recommend the girls but this!

It works so well!

I saw all the reviews and decided to order it. My feet have always had calluses and cracks on them and nothing worked or it hurt my feet because of the cracks. This foot file works so well! It took about 10 minutes and my feet were smooth. It comes with instructions and warns you not to put to much pressure while using it, which I was not use too. I did get a little cut but it was because I put to much pressure into it.